Find, purchase or otherwise acquire a mask, helmet or anything that obscures part or all your face. Pick out something that you wouldn't mind wearing at all times. Be creative!

Call a cab in any city in the Continental US. Tell the operator that the drive will take over an hour. Don't bring anything except your mask, your pockets should be empty. Don't worry about the cost; If you do it right the ride will be free.

Once the cab arrives, look the driver dead in the eyes and demand that they take you to "Moonlight Boulevard". Never specify an address or a specific location. Once asked DO NOT avert your eyes from the driver for ANY reason.

The cabbie may tell you to hop in; if this is the case do as they say. Some may claim to not know where it is or that they have never heard of it. If so tell them the following:

"Take the 6 down the road beyond the field, across the river. I will pay the toll on the other side"

The cabbie, if aware of Moonlight, is now obligated to take you as a passenger. If they remain cluelessness then their word is true and you'll have to try again with a different cab.

Once inside the car feel free to relax and enjoy the ride. Don't try talking to the cabbie, though; Who knows where they'll drop you off if you annoy them.

They will eventually ask if you're thirsty and offer you a bottle of water. Sometimes it's juice. Regardless, accept the liquid and drink every last drop. You'll start to feel sleepy, don't attempt to fight it. And whatever you do, don't open your eyes if the cab starts to shake or you hear noises outside.

When you regain consciousness you'll be sitting on a bus bench in a decrepit neighborhood. You will already be wearing your "Mask" and anything else on your person will be gone besides the clothes on your back. You're now on Moonlight Boulevard. There are no governing bodies here and no laws whatsoever. You're encouraged to live out any fantasy or desire you crave without any repercussions. Money has no value here and any vice can be catered to in the bar in front of you, all you need to do is ask.

We highly recommend against exploring beyond this block.